Monday, October 29, 2012

Japanese Inspired Makeup

This is a repost from my old tumblr blog! 
I have to say, the way some Japanese girls do their makeup is one of the coolest things. ~ I think it's much different than the way Western girls do it.

Even though the images above (which are all from Japanese magazines, by the way) are in Japanese, you can see how each look is done. Notice that that they go from right to left and not left to right, just so no one is confused. xD
I love that these all center around the eyes, and focus on a girly and playful look. They all revolve around big and fun eyelashes (meaning fake eyelashes all the way!) and circle lenses. However, the girl in the second image isn’t wearing them, so you can see that they aren’t needed, but add a lot more of the cute, doe-eyed, dolly look.
I think that western girls can definitely pull of this type of look, especially with naturally large eyes.

Essentials in pulling off the ‘Girly Japanese’ make-up look:

o A good foundation and concealer. If you look at all the pictures (and other’s) you can see that they all have nice, smooth and almost perfect looking skin and who naturally has that? ~ Using a good foundation is key in getting rid of redness and blemishes. I personally believe that things like freckles and beauty marks can add to this look in making it more innocent and adorable! Don’t you dare cover those up!!

Blush. Well, I have to say myself that this isn’t always needed, I don’t always use it. But you can tell that it adds a nice flush and wonderful glow that makes you look alive, young and fresh.

Fake eyelashes. I know it sucks, but these are a must unless you have really, super long eyelashes (and even then!). Fake eyelashes are very important to make the eyes look bigger. They make your eyelashes look longer and fuller and even fluffier. You can get super cheap ones at your local drugstore, or you can invest in expensive ones that will last you longer. ~ If you really don’t want to use false lashes, find a mascara that makes your lashes look as big as you can. (You can even add lines with eyeliner on your lids to make them look bigger, liquid eyeliner only though!)

Liquid eyeliner. Big and bold! Okay, it doesn’t have to be liquid liner, but as you can see, it has the best effect. Gel liner could work even better, although I’ve never used it myself. It’s not as hard to apply as you might think, but if you are not for liquid eyeliner, you can use a stick if you keep it nice and sharp and apply it very darkly so that it looks as bold as liquid. I personally use liquid liner that comes on a very large brush tip (not those wimpy small ones they have a lot of times). The artist in me finds it so easy!

Lip gloss. You can wear lipstick if you like, but lip gloss is a must for a shimmery and shiny lip that finishes any look off! For these looks you can see they used a pale pink or a nude color.

o Creativity! You need to be bold and have fun with color. These are just three looks, but you can literally use any color under the rainbow and even mix colors and just experiment and have fun!

So that’s really all I have to say about that, and I hope more people try to pull this look off. ~ You can get all of the things I mentioned above at any drugstore that has makeup for cheap. (I’m no beauty guru. I use cheapo stuff and it works just fine for me~) (●´∀`)ノ♡ Good luck!

Consider using these things to make the look even more special!
Wear your hair down and curly or up in a cute top bun!
Make your nails pretty and maybe even wear fake nails.
Wear circle lenses!
Wear some cute hairbows or headscarves.


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A Whole Neeew World~

Hello new world. ~
I'm not sure what originally motivated me to want a blog, it just seems like another fun way to express oneself! And certainly easier than making a video on every little thing. (^v^)
I tried doing a tumblr blog, but as a normal blog rather than a photo-blog and it didn't work out. It was hard to keep up with I think. But seeing as I follow a few blogs on here, I decided this would be a great place to start up something new.

So here's a little bit about me! ☆
I am relatively new to the world of lolita (relatively! started wearing it at the beginning of summer, but have been into the fashion for years!), and that is probably what a lot of my posts will be about. I'm also really into gaming; in fact, I plan on going into game design with a concentration in game art whenever I got to college next year. Yep, I'm a senior in high school. ~
I'm also a dancer on youtube! (check the links below!) I'm a dance group called Dansu To Pantsu and they are all the greatest people EVER. I've only been in the group since April and already I have had some of the best experiences of my life and made so many new friends.
My favorite colors are really all pastels and my favorite foods are ice cream, cakes, mashed potatoes, Oreos and most East Asian foods (especially Indian food. asfdjkl;).

I hope this blog works out! (゜▼   ゜*)
Here's a photo of me from the last Lolita meetup!
JSK: Baby The Stars Shine Bright


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